Information for Prospective Students

  • I’m always looking for students at all levels (Master’s, PhD, and undergrad RAs). I could also potentially consider exceptional post-docs whose interests overlap with mine.
  • I’m currently interested in the areas of code recommenders (helping developers use APIs – including security APIs) and support for highly configurable software (see my work on software product lines). I can also be opportunistic: if you have a related software engineering topic that sounds interesting to me, feel free to email me with specifics.
  • Prospective PhD Students should have already obtained a Master’s degree in software engineering or a related field and published at least one peer-reviewed paper. If you would like to work under my supervision, send me the a short summary that (1) shows you have already looked at my previous projects or read some of my papers, (2) tells me the research direction(s) you are interested in, and (3) mentions any relevant background you might have for these directions. I will usually have a Skype call with promising candidates. The call might include discussing a particular research paper. I might also give you a programming task.
  • Prospective Master’s students can contact me after applying to the UofA Master’s program. Note that Master’s students can be admitted unattached to a supervisor. If you plan to send a generic, automated email to all faculty members, please take me off your list. If you are going to email me, then at least go through my website and tell me which particular projects are you interested in (please do not just list keywords). In fact, you should do the same for any potential supervisor you plan to email. Few people would find generic emails very flattering :-) I might give you a small programming or reading task to do and then arrange a Skype call afterwards.
  • To show me you have actually taken the time to read this page, include the word “Winterfell” at the beginning of your email.

Current Students

Master’s Students

PhD Students

  • Sven Amann, Detecting API Misuses, TU Darmstadt. (co-supervised with Mira Mezini)
  • Ervina Cergani, Using Machine Learning to Improve Code Recommender Systems, TU Darmstadt. (co-supervised with Mira Mezini)
  • Moein Owhadi-Kareshk

Previous Students

PhD Degrees

  • Sebastian Proksch, TU Darmstadt, PhD (2017)
    Title: Enriched Event Streams: A General Platform For Empirical Studies On In-IDE Activities Of Software Developers, TU Darmstadt. (co-supervised with Mira Mezini) Current position: Post-doctoral researcher at University of Zürich

Master’s Degrees

  • Marco Radavelli, TU Darmstadt & University of Bergamo, MSc. (2016)
    Title: Simplifying Boolean Constraints in Highly Configurable Systems (co-supervised with Angelo Gargantini )
    Current position: pursuing a PhD at University of Bergamo

  • Hamza Zulfiqar, TU Darmstadt, MSc. (2016)
    Title: Towards Detecting Unintended Feature Interactions
    Current position: Software developer at Dtango, Berlin

  • David Dahlen, TU Darmstadt, MSc. (2015)
    Title: Identification of High-Quality Answers Containing Code Snippets on Stack Overflow (Co-supervised with Sven Amann and Sebastian Proksch)
    Current position: IT Consultant in Germany

  • Riadh Chtara, TU Darmstadt, MSc. (2015)
    Title: Feedback Driven Development of Cloud Applications. (Co-supervised with Anis Charfi, SAP)
    Current position: Software developer at SAP in Potsdam

  • Isak Eriksson and Patrick Wallgren, Chalmers University of Technology, MSc. (2016).
    Title: A Study of Merge-Conflict Resolutions in Open-source Software (Co-supervised with Thorsten Berger and Julia Rubin)

  • Daniel Jonsonn, Chalmers University of Technology, MSc. (2016).
    Title: A Case Study of Interactive Conflict-Resolution Support (Co-supervised with Thorsten Berger)
    Current position: Currently a systems developer at Bit Addict, Sweden

Undergraduate RAs

  • Nazim Uddin Bhuiyan, University of Alberta (May - December 2017). Project: supporting variability in IBM OMR Current position: Intern at IBM Canada

  • Imtihan Ahmad, University of Alberta (September - December 2017) Project: developing assignment for CMPUT 201 Current position: senior undergrad at UofA