The Software Maintenance and Reuse (SMR) Lab

The SMR lab at the University of Alberta is located in the Computing Science Center (CSC) room 2-59B, and is led by Dr. Sarah Nadi. At SMR, we develop automated techniques for improving software maintenance and reuse activities. Our work relies on mining software repositories to extract useful information that is used as a basis for providing decision support for developers. Our research can be summarized in the following keywords:

  • Empirical Software Engineering
  • Mining Software Repositories
  • Software Library and API usage recommendations
  • API misuses
  • Highly configurable software & Software Product Lines
  • Software merging

Fun facts:

  • We pronounce SMR as “summer”. Yes, the pun is intended for Edmonton’s “warm” weather… but even though Edmonton is cold in the winter, you will find our research topics exciting and our group warm and welcoming! Check out our photo gallery for pics from some of our fun group events!

  • Our logo was designed by the talented Sven Amann

Group Information


The research we do could not be possible without the support of the following funding agencies and industrial partners:

  • Canada Research Chairs Program
  • Samsung Global Research Outreach Program
If you are interested in joining SMR, please read the following important information before contacting Dr. Nadi.