Interested in Joining SMR?

The following information is important for prospective students.

Update for Fall 2023 admissions: I am currently on sabbatical until July 2023. I may be slow in responding to prospective student emails, or may not be able to respond at all. For Master’s students, I will check some of the applications that mention my name in our admissions system. For PhD students, please feel free to email me following the instructions below (but expect delayed responses)

  • I’m always looking for students at all levels (Master’s, PhD, and undergrad RAs). I especially encourage women and applicants from other under-represented groups in CS to apply to my group.
  • Please note that I unfortunately cannot offer undergraduate internships for students who are not currently registered at a Canadian instituition
  • I’m currently interested in the areas of code recommenders (helping with developers with library and API selection and usage), software integration, and code search. I can also be opportunistic: if you have a related software engineering topic that sounds interesting to me, feel free to email me with specifics.
  • Prospective PhD Students should have already obtained a Master’s degree in software engineering or a related field and published at least one peer-reviewed paper in a software engineering venue. I will usually have a video call with promising candidates. I typically ask PhD candidates to give a 10 min presentation of their research (e.g., their master’s work). I also typically give a programming task and a paper review task.
  • Prospective Master’s students should contact me AFTER applying to the UofA Master’s program. If you will email me, please provide your application number; otherwise, I may not reply.. Please note that I already review all Master’s applicants who mention my name as a potential supervisor and reach out to those I shortlist for an interview. This typically happens in Jan-Feb. I usually interview shortlisted candidates and then give a paper review task and a programming task to promising candidates. Note that at the UofA, Master’s students can be admitted unattached to a supervisor (i.e., you can go ahead and apply to our admissions system even if you do not have a committed supervisor yet).
  • Regardless of the position you are applying to, please make sure to include the following in your email: a short summary that (1) shows you have already looked at my previous projects or read some of my papers, (2) tells me the research direction(s) you are interested in, and (3) mentions any relevant background you might have for these directions. Please do NOT just mention keywords off of my website along with generic descriptions like “my research interests overlap with yours”. I typically ignore emails with such generic descriptions. I also highly encourage you to watch this talk before contacting me (or any other potential supervisors):
  • If you plan to send a generic, automated email to all faculty members, please take me off your list.
  • To show me you have actually taken the time to read this page, include the word “Winterfell” at the beginning of your email. Please note that I will not reply to emails that do not follow these instructions.